Statement | SOUTH


In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Uruguayan Society of Rheumatology accompanies its patients with rheumatic diseases, their families, groups and colleagues in the specialty, providing them with information and support to take extreme care of their personal and environment.

First of all, you will find here specific information on the prevention and treatment of infection aimed especially at our patients.

On Wednesday March 25, we spoke with 400 patients about rheumatic diseases and COVID-19 and answered questions and generated 110 comments. You can watch the video here and read the conversation.

We invite you to access the information on rheumatic diseases on our website and get closer to the patient groups available there.

A warm greeting,
Dr. Andrea Vargas, President of SUR and her Board of Directors
How to attend

Patients frequently confuse our professional association with the INR, ASSE's National Institute of Rheumatology. However, we are a union institution that does not serve patients, but rather represents doctors of the specialty for their training and well-being, dialogues with patient groups, academia and industry to improve the conditions of care for all.

In this sense, we cannot answer questions that correspond to mutuals, health providers and their treating doctors. However, we will provide general information on rheumatic diseases in the context of this pandemic.

We remind you that the consultations of particular cases, certifications and renewal of medication must be carried out by telephone, through your health provider, as always, with your rheumatologists and reference doctors.

Finally, we invite you to take extreme care, as described in the article on the site and, if possible, stay home, for the good of all.