The Uruguayan Society of Rheumatology (SUR) is a scientific, academic and union association whose mission is to promote medical training, professional updating, excellence in care and the development of research projects in rheumatic diseases.

SUR is involved with the general population, patient communities, family members, and other public and private organizations to provide information, raise awareness, and motivate early consultation.

Our association is also a fraternal space of solidarity, representation of interests, positioning of the specialty and influence in fields of medicine in general, seeking to improve the quality of life of fellow rheumatologists.

Board of Directors Biennium 2021-2022

Inés Corbacho.png

Dr. Inés Corbacho
President 2021 - 2022


Dr. Ma. Mercedes Giménez

President elect

Dinora Alvarez.png

Dr. Dinora Álvarez
Vice president


Dr. Alejandro Fernández


Dr. Carolina Vargas


Dr. Fernanda Athayde Linhares

Deputy secretary

Adriana Cabal.png

Dr. Adriana Cabal

First Vocal

Dr. Gonzalo Bartesaghi

Second Member

Administrative Secretary: Mariana Risso

Substitutes: Dra. Liliana Daveri, Dra. María Noel Bértola, Dr. Martín Aparicio, Dr. Nicolás Mondino, Dr. Natalia Cestau
Dra. Analía Perdomo, Dra. Laura Lazo


Better advice:

  • Dr. Mercedes Naviliat

  • Dr. Mirtha Moyano

  • Dra. Graciela González

  • Dr. Renée Souto

  • Dr. Alicia Ramagli


  • Dr. Miguel Albanese

  • Dr. Daniel Palleiro

  • Dr. Luján Torre

  • Dr. Cesar Rossi

Tax commission:

  • Dr. Margarita Calegari

  • Dr. Raquel Teijeiro

  • Dr. Miguel Albanese


  • Dra. Graciela Barreto

  • Dr. Cesar Rossi

  • Dr. Luján Torre

Scientific Commission:

  • Mercedes naviliat

  • Mirtha Moyano

  • Graciela Gonzalez

  • Renée souto

Permanent medical education commission:

  • Renée souto

  • Margaret Calegari

  • Lujan tower

  • Daniel Palleiro

  • Andrea Vargas

  • Ines Corbacho

Partner Commission:

  • Adriana cabal

  • Maria Noel Castro

Interior Commission:

  • Gonzalo Bartesaghi (coordinator)

Union affairs commission:

  • Ma. Mercedes Giménez

  • Dinora Alvarez

Library Commission:

  • Ma.Mercedes Gimenez

  • Maria Noel Castro

Commission website:

  • Ma.Mercedes Gimenez

  • Virginia Cazot

Publications Commission:

  • Ines Corbacho

  • Miguel Tambler

Our statutes

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